Jayson Fong -13/05/2020

5 Best Ecomvids Alternatives in 2020

Looking for the best Ecomvids alternatives?

While Ecomvids is a good video production company, it isn't perfect. With a expensive pricing plan and a long turnover time, it's not ideal for most Ecom merchants.

In this article, we’ll go over seven of the best Ecomvids alternatives – both paid and free. With lightning fast turnover time, sourcing possibility and tons of extra services, they’re bound to solve all your video needs and boost your sales.

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.Why You Need A Ecomvids Alternative + What You Should Look For

If you’re searching for Ecomvids alternatives, you probably already know why you want to switch. 

But it’s still a good idea to go over where Ecomvids falls behind to give you a better idea of what you should look for in an alternative. 

1. Ecomvids is too expensive

While Ecomvids claim to be price setter of the industry, they can be quite expensive. Their cheapest VIRAL BASIC package starts from $1495 USD and it goes up to over $4000 with all the upsells. It's a lot of money for a video ad.

What Should You Look For

When looking at Ecomvids alternatives, go for an option that offers you competitive pricing to make custom content.

2. Poor Turnover Time

Another issue with Ecomvids is that it has long turnover time.

Here’s why:

A. The shipping time is long. 

Ecomvids is based in the USA. However most Ecom sellers source their products from China and to get a product from China to the USA, it takes at least 10 days. (Can be over 20 days sometimes due to custom issues)

On average you have to wait 15 days to even get your product there.

B. Ecomvids takes a long time to shoot and edit

According to Ecomvids website, they take 15-30 BUSINESS DAYS to finish shooting and editing. If we take the average which is 22 business days, you still have to wait over 30 days to get your video done.

Total Turnover Time: This means it takes at least 45 days to get your video done. (15 days shipping + 30 days shooting and editing )

And this doesn't even include revision time.

What Should You Look For

Choose a Ecomvids alternative that provides efficient turnover time and close to your supplier. In today's Ecom world, you should be aiming for a video turnover time of 7 days including shipping.

3. Limited Revisons

 No one likes revisions but we need them in the service industry. Ecomvids only offers 3 MINOR revisions when you do a video with them. That means you can only modify the editing of the video. All the clips they filmed are possible to be changed.


Wanna request more than 3 revisions or a clip to be filmed again?

Too bad. 

You have to pay (a significant amount)

What You Should Look For

Opt for a Ecomvids alternative that offers unlimited revisions and the possibility to film additional clips. This gives you the power and flexibility to create the perfect video.

 5 Best Alternatives To Ecomvids

Here are the five best alternatives to Ecomvids today. They’ve got all the features you need to create your product video ads suited for Facebook and Instagram.


1. 86Studio

86Studio is the world’s best video studio for ecom. It’s used by many 7 figure Ecom merchants to create their video ads.

With 86Studio, you’ll get:

  • Competitive pricing and 5-7 turnover time.


  • The production quality of Ecomvids

86Studio is a full service studio which means they do everything for you. it’s way better than any of the other Ecomvids alternatives!

Let’s take a closer look at some key 86Studio selling points:

A) 5-7 Turnover Time

Ecomvids’s biggest problem is that it's 45 days turnover time.

In this timeframe, your winning product might become saturated already. Or maybe you have a product design update which renders the old product you sent them useless.

Luckily with 86Studio, that isn’t an issue. 

86Studio source your product, write the script, film and edit all in 5-7 days. 

This is lightning fast.

How are they acheiving this?


1. 86Studio has an extremely efficient workflow that's outlined above.

2. 86Studio is located in China which allows them to receive your product much quicker.

It’s way more efficient than Ecomvids’s workflow!

Click here for a detailed 86Studio salespage.

86Studio Pros

  • 5-7 Days turnaround time
  • Premium Video Quality
  • 100% Custom Made
  • Highly converting Ads
  • Affordable pricing from $250 USD
  • You own 100% of the copyrights (No more banned ad accounts.)
  • Flexible
  • Include your watermark
  • ​​Unlimited Revisions
  • ​​Royalty Free Music

86Studio Cons

  • Relatively new in the market


86Studio has three pricing options.

  • Product Based Ad – Film a high quality video ads focusing on just the product. $250
  • Asian Actor Package – Having a professional asian actor to demonstrate your product. Perfect for fashion and fitness niche. $350
  • Pets Package –  Demonstrate your pet product with cute dogs and cats. $200



 2. Fiverr

Fiverr is one of the most popular platforms for business owners. Some freelancers offer their editing or filming services on Fiverr. 


  • Often Affordable
  • Reputable website
  • Good for testing products


  • Unstable quality from Fiverr sellers
  • Your order is often outsourced further
  • Most sellers don't offer filming
  • Videos are often filmed in unprofessional home setting
  • Unstable turnaround time

Pricing (Average price across the platform)

  • Just Editing: $70-$100
  • Just Filming the footages: $200-$300

3. Upwork

Upwork is another good Ecomvids alternative. With one single job post, you can get hundreds of applications from freelancers.


  • Flexibility
  • Good security features like escrow payment


  • Time consuming to go through applications
  • Likely to overpay for video projects
  • Lots of unprofessional freelancers
  • Long turnaround time because you need to ship freelancers the product

Pricing (Average price across the platform)

  • Just Editing: $70-$100

  • Just Filming the footages: $200-$300


 4. Do it yourself

You thought about this. Making the video yourself. This is straight forward enough. Allow us to analyze to pros and cons for you.


  • Do it how you like it
  • Budget friendly


  • FIlming and editing skills requirered
  • Easy to come off as unprofessional


5. Videoreviewlabs

Videoreviewlabs offers very smilar service quality and turnaround time as Ecomvids. It's simply another option for you to look at if you like their style better.


  • Clean video style
  • Reputable business


  • Expensive pricing just like Ecomvids
  • Long turnaround time
  • Unclear pricing


You need a custom quote from them for every video they make.




While Ecomvids is a good video studio with good quality videos, it's not perfect.

Why settle for Ecomvids’s limited offerings (even on the most expensive package), when you can get so much more with other studios.

While every website on this list has something to offer, 86Studio is easily the video production sutdio for ecommerce. It’s got the premium quality of a professional studio and the fastest turnaround time in the industry of 5 days.

Get started with 86Studio today and scale to the moon.